Carbon Fiber Scooter Steering Alignment Defect

This is not the first time I’ve heard of this problem, but this is the worst of it I’ve seen.

The way carbon fiber scooters are designed, it’s too damn easy for the steering to go out. Vibrations and bad design aren’t a good combination. Not only do screws come loose, but the holes they’re in become deformed over time. Add in the fact that these use Chinese-made screws (anyone who has worked with them will confirm that they strip very easily; it’s as if they’re made of putty!) and bad becomes even worse.

After the break, see a video where a new Swagtron Swagger Pro owner gets two eScooters with this defect. And at the YouTube page recounts a horrible customer service experience with Swagtron — which includes the support staff blackballing his calls via Caller ID!


Swagtron presents a supportive face on the Internet — on YouTube, Twitter, and who knows where else — but it’s only what customers say that matters.

I understand Swagtron not wanting some idiot using their eScooter do to dumb stunts and then trying to return it after they broke it.

But there are already two strikes against their eScooters to begin with:

1) They don’t use LG batteries, and

2) They don’t have regenerative braking.

That suggests to me that Swagtron went to the bottom of the Chinese barrel as their supplier.

And they wound up with junk.

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4 Responses to Carbon Fiber Scooter Steering Alignment Defect

  1. Graham Fox says:

    Fixed mine recently by getting it welded (aluminum welding)

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