Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter

Their eScooters were originally called MyWay. I know, a stupid name. But they were new years ago and got me interested in stand-up eScooters again because it was — at that time — so damn light. But also expensive: Over US$1,200!

When they went into full commercial production, the name MyWay became Inokim. I don’t know why. Some things in this life can never be understood.

I’ve kept them out of my mind because their eScooters are just too damn heavy.

But today I came across their Mini/Mini Plus model.

And that brings with it the usual eScooter frustrations.

First of all, most strange of all, it’s not even listed on their own website.

Second, no Inokim eScooter is available through any dealer in America. They seem to be available in every other damn country around the world, however!

Third, Inokim has a store on Amazon. But again, the Mini/Mini Plus isn’t listed!

And then there are two models. The Mini and the Mini Plus.

The Mini has a weird control system. There’s no brake or acceleration thumb throttles. They’ve been replaced by push buttons. What?

The Mini Plus corrects that idiocy and has thumb throttles instead of buttons.

Neither model, however, has a speedometer, odometer, elapsed trip time, or elapsed trip distance. And perhaps even worse, the battery meter is nothing but lights — and just three of them. How imprecise does that sound? Very! These shortcomings could be forgiven if there was an app, like the Xiaomi M365 eScooter has. But there is no damn app. All that trip data remains a mystery! What were they even thinking?

So what still interests me?

MyWay/Inokim has longevity. They’ve been in eScooters for several years and don’t look like they’ll disappear. eScooters are what they do. They don’t have a billion unrelated products (hello, Chinese companies!).

The Mini Plus interests me because it’s their lightest eScooter — just a little bit heavier than a carbon fiber one, at 19lbs versus 17lbs — and looks to be made of strong aluminum. Plus, those trolley wheels. In a video below, you’ll see how it can be pushed along while vertical. That’s a damn neat feature.

Also, the price doesn’t seem too bad for something nearly as light as a carbon fiber eScooter yet from a company committed to their product. While it’s not found in America, there’s a dealer in Canada selling it and maybe they can ship to the U.S. (I haven’t asked yet). The price is CA$989. That’s about US$800.

Anyway, this is another eScooter to add to my thinking.

I’ve filled out the Contact form at the Inokim website to ask why the Mini and Plus aren’t on their own website, why their products have no American dealers, and if the Mini and Plus are even still in production. I’ll either add to this post or do a separate follow-up.

Now some videos:

The new ultra portable INOKIM mini+ electric scooter

And the two best videos are from Russia, in Russian, but it looks like they know all about this eScooter.

Inokim Mini первый взгляд

Note that in this next video they speed it up about halfway in when they’re just BSing about accessories that don’t really matter:

Inokim Mini распаковка, обзор, тест- драйв

Previously here:

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