Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter Not In Quantity Yet

I don’t think Inokim (which is actually a Chinese company too!) would mind me sharing their email reply.

This was my email to them:

I see there are no dealers in America. Also, that the Mini+ isn’t even listed on the site, nor is its user manual. Does the Mini+ still exist? And why no sales in America, if even via an Amazon store?

Yeah. I just get to the point.

Inokimn’s reply:

Here is Daisy from INOKIM China.

Thanks for contacting us and being interested in our product.

America is a special market for us, it’s growing slowly, and we do choose dealer very carefully.

Do you have interests on being a dealer?

As for the Mini+, we just officially released it to the exclusitive distributors for testing recently.

We haven’t released big quantity to the market yet.

With regard to sell on the Amazon, we will think about it. As you know that our products require after-service, if we sell by ourself, we need to think how to offer service.

That frankness is very refreshing.

I like that they are concerned that customers have follow-up service available. That’s especially important for a new product like the Mini/Mini Plus.

Previously here:

Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter
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1 Response to Inokim Mini/Mini Plus eScooter Not In Quantity Yet

  1. Sy says:

    Yeah, you spoke my mind… the “plus” is close to the best lightweight escooter … until
    Hyundai gets of its a*s and sells the ioniq folding escooter…

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