Why I Despise The Xiaomi M365 eScooter

Those prices!

It’s been offered as low as US$287 by one middleman dealer!

And today I’ve seen it for US$330.

It’s muddying the waters of the market.

Yes, I know that’s what Xiaomi does, but still.

I have another reason for detesting, despising, loathing, and hating it.

Look at it next to the LeTV (now LeEco) Viper (similar to the NextDrive Zero 2.0) eScooter:

It’s a frikkin tank! It’s the SUV of eScooters.

I completely understand people flocking to it because of the Xiaomi reputation and those prices.

And those prices make it hard for even me to resist.

But that weight and bulk? No damn way!

As far as I’m concerned, the people raving about the Xiaomi eScooter are like the first buyers of the first portable computers from Compaq, KayPro, and Osborne:

As heavy as they were, people were glad to have something to take with them.

Similarly, people are happy they can get places with the Xiaomi M365 instead of their car.

Big deal.

People used to be happy with the notebook computers they had.

Until this happened:

The MacBook Air. Which showed that people didn’t have to settle for bulk and weight.

I won’t settle for bulk and weight — no matter how tempting those prices are.

eScooter makers need to go after weight and bulk — aside from more efficient motors and more powerful batteries and quick charging and greater range.

I think even Xiaomi is going to understand that.

So all other eScooter makers better get the hell to work before Xiaomi comes out with another model that gets discounted to US$199 — or even less!

Because aside from disrupting the hell out of markets with low prices, you know what else Xiaomi is very good at?


Be very afraid, NextDrive Zero 2.0 eScooter!

Cuidado Xiaomi, llega el Letv Scooter

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8 Responses to Why I Despise The Xiaomi M365 eScooter

  1. why do you think copying is bad?
    if someone copies Xiaomi, I am not concerned as this is ok, we have more products on the market, more competition
    Like Mi Mix, which was copied by everybody incl. Samsung and now we have dozens of “bezel-less” devices, which is cool, and this is Xiaomi’s problem that they launch Mix2 only now, not before the S8.
    And, for many ppl at least in my city, the key advantage of scooters is that we can enter the underground with it. And then go out at some station and unfold it. So, metro + scooter is faster than any car and any public transportation. And, M365 perfectly suits metro comparing to bicycles.

  2. Mid says:

    In my country Viper won’t survive a day and definitely won’t get me through parks or a forest from one town to the next. The wheels are two small, which means one uneven surface on a pavement, asphalt on any road and you are done. If you don’t want render your scooter to only playgrounds, you need something bigger and definitely something more sturdy. And 20 km per hour? 14 km range? It’s a joke. It won’t take you up the hill, if it does only 20 km/h on flat. That’s said, Xiaomi is a very good product for everyday commuting and that’s why people buy it.

    • mikecane says:

      Sure, I can see why people would choose the Xiaomi. Personal preference as well as something that can handle local roads. While I might enthuse about specific eScooters, I wouldn’t belittle someone for choosing something that suits *their* needs. The more e-riding, the better for everyone!

  3. Interesting article, but i disagree for a fair few reasons. I bought an m365 ages ago when then hype was very low and prices were very low, there was simply nothing that could compete in the price range. I agree the design is not prefect and there are issues but……and its a big but….the ride and acceleration on the m365 is simply smoother and much better that competing products and it can take a beating on the roads. My friend bought a zoom stryder EX edition. I was considering it as on paper it is much better, hard non puncture tyres, 2hr charge time, 2kg lighter, bit faster, more torque etc etc. But when it arrived i tested it and the ride on the m365 was just a whole lot better, much smoother, less jerky and the disc braking was much more natural and not as aggressive as the stryder’s electronic braking, it just wasn’t as nice to cruise on. Also the m365 is much more robust on the road, especially the steering column. I’ve tested smaller wheeld scooters too and the speed and range is often just not there and again the ride suffers due to efforts to trim all the weight off them. Also you can buy all sorts of after market parts for the m365 and fix issues easily. I do despise the fact that xiaomi have flooded the market though cos of the low pricing which will mean soon my city will legislate once they take over the streets…..but as a product it is a great gen 1 product and does many things very right, it has also saved me a huge amount of money on commuting fares.

    • mikecane says:

      Bird eScooter rentals uses the M365.

      • Nicky Willsher says:

        Yes, I seen that, hardly surprising as i’m sure they can get them in high volumes at low prices. I am in UK though where now they are just starting to gain popularity, but once xiaomi store officially opens i am concerned that the law will come down. I was also under the impression than the m365 wasnt just xiaomi copying, it was developed with segway ninebot and won a red dot design award. I am eagerly waiting for a V2 to be honest as at the moment there is nothing that can compete with it imho even if you spend more money, you just end up with something faster but also more bulky and heavy.

      • mikecane says:

        The M365 has upset the world of eScooters just as Xiaomi’s phones upset that market. The provenance of the M365 is in question; China doesn’t do the sort of in-depth reporting we in the West are used to. To what degree Ninebot/Segway contributed might never be known.

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