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Today’s Apple Event

My cranky take, typed live while I was watching it the only way someone without an Apple product can: Via a pirated YouTube livestream. On the borrowed Asus Android craptab. Apple Town Squares: The gutting of books continues, with the … Continue reading

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Over 4,000km (2,400 miles) On An E-TWOW Electric Scooter Clone

Dmitry A shares his experience of putting over 800km on what looks to me like a clone of the E-TWOW electric scooter.

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Video: Solowheel Vs. Hoverboard Vs. Electric Scooter

Place a bet with yourself before watching the video. Which will win? It’s all in Russian but well done, peppy, and still informative — if not eye-opening.

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Archos Enters Personal Electric Transport Market

Oh, Archos. You started out well. Designing your own MP3 players and tablets. Then came the fall. The iPod and the iPad ravaged you. The MP3 players died and the tablets became rebadged crap from China. Now you have jumped … Continue reading

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