Today’s Apple Event

My cranky take, typed live while I was watching it the only way someone without an Apple product can: Via a pirated YouTube livestream. On the borrowed Asus Android craptab.

  • Apple Town Squares: The gutting of books continues, with the Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C. being turned over to Apple commerce. Paris in the Twentieth Century continues.

  • Apple Watch series 3: My childhood Dick Tracy comic strip wrist radio is here. I have yet to be convinced that I want it, however, even with cardiac monitoring.

  • Apple TV: Get a grip. It’s still TV, 4K or not. And HDR? Directors of Photography want to kill all of you for violating their vision.

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus: Even more Apple-designed chips. The top and bottom bezels means Apple is sticking with what’s now an ancient design. Augmented Reality can be more than games; pity they didn’t show more than mostly games. Palm’s vision of wirelessly charging a phone comes to Apple. This part was so boring.

  • iPhone X: Pronounced “Ten,” not “Ex.” Most people will say “Ex” anyway. Super Retina Display: 2436 x 1135, 458ppi, 5.8″, OLED screen. Swipe up for Home; no mention of the iOS11 Dock iPad has. Neural Engine for Face ID (and what else down the road?). That damn notch slices off a portion of full-screen landscape video. Snapchat facemasks, friend of the kidnapper and troll and terrorist. Multitask app UI is still that damn carousel.

  • I just have one thing to say about

  • AirPower:

  • They could have named it AirFill or something…

    And now with Qi charging, what changes are in store for the backs of the iPad? Glass?

    Once again, Apple has shown how much the absence of Steve Jobs hurts. Only the surviving roster could make a launch seem so damn dull.

    For all those people who spoiled 99.9% of today’s surprises, don’t do it next time! Besides which, you were all wrong about the damn number of screen pixels!

    Previously here:

    The Upcoming iPhone 8 OLED Screen Again
    Rough Reference: S8, S8+, G6, XZP, iPhone 8 Screen PPI

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2 Responses to Today’s Apple Event

  1. linndl says:

    So you say you’re already lined up outside an Apple store for release date?

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