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Charging An eScooter With Solar Power

Singapore is a hotbed of personal electric transportation. From Jamie Lim in Singapore comes three videos that explain how he uses solar power to charge his eScooter (which is one of the heavier and more muscular stand-up models). This is … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids! Keep Up! The Puck Is Heading Here.

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Reference: How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone X

Twitter: Replies include a left wink should have been used or asking Siri to do it. Both are better options. Additional: How to screenshot iPhone X

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iPhone X: Not For Virtual Reality?

Just look at that fucking notch: They don’t even try to hide it when displaying full-screen images — photos or videos. It’s there like a blister, like a wound, like a screen tumor. I really expected Google to announce Daydream … Continue reading

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