iPhone X: Not For Virtual Reality?

Just look at that fucking notch:

They don’t even try to hide it when displaying full-screen images — photos or videos. It’s there like a blister, like a wound, like a screen tumor.

I really expected Google to announce Daydream for iPhone X yesterday. That didn’t happen. The only non-Apple party invited on stage demonstrated a dumbass AR game. It’s clear Apple’s AR vision is limited — despite the past cheerleading from Tim Cook.

So why even bother thinking about virtual reality?

And then there’s that goddammed notch. It’s been years since there was an iPhone without an offensive back camera bulge that spoiled its smooth lines.

Now there’s a damn notch intruding into an “edge-to-edge” (WTF!) screen. Someone has stopped trying over there.

That notch. That fucking notch. Would Apple reject software that tries to hide it by turning its adjacent spaces black? How the hell can any VR software work properly otherwise? Who wants to have a goddammed black notch appearing in their left-side peripheral vision, slicing off the 3D immersive illusion?

Maybe that’s why there’s no Daydream for iPhone X. Maybe Apple is so in love with their own “edge-to-edge” screen bullshit hype that they told Google they can’t hide the notch for Daydream. Or maybe Google tested Daydream and even with hiding the notch Daydream’s immersion just doesn’t work.

That notch is a botch.

Same-day update: There’s an interesting Twitter discussion of That Notch. The two tweets that stick out:

So the “edge-to-edge” screen bullshit hype is bullshit hype. You shrink the screen to look like any other iPhone!


Jobs said, “Don’t ask what I’d do.” It’s clear they’re not!

Second same-day update:


And what a mess! Twitter:

Previously here:

Today’s Apple Event

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1 Response to iPhone X: Not For Virtual Reality?

  1. Ricardinho says:

    It’s a shame that, with such good hardware, there is nothing to keep it in competition in VR Games :(

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