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YouTube eScooter Playlists So Far

The main playlist: Transport — which is being disentangled from one into separate lists (a long work in progress): Carbon Fiber eScooters (not by brand yet; only NextDrive is separated) Carbon Fiber eScooter Repair CityGo Segway eScooter eScooters – like … Continue reading

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Segway CityGo Electric Scooter: Smart Car Wireless Charging

Wow. Someone has been seeing big over at Segway. They’ve found a way to pair their new CityGo eScooter with wireless charging in the storage area of a SMART car. This guy arrives at an airport and goes for his … Continue reading

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2,000 Miles On A Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

Why do I keep posting these milestone and mileage videos from different riders? I want it to sink into the skulls of people that personal electric transportation isn’t a fad, isn’t a toy, isn’t something to be ignored. It’s a … Continue reading

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The Next Generation Of eScooter Designers

MOBOT — out of Singapore, of course! — posted a video where they allowed engineering design students to examine a carbon fiber electric scooter for a class competition.

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Ninebot/Segway Announces Another Electric Scooter

Wow. Things are starting to get a bit crowded in the electric scooter field! It turns out there was once a Kickstarter for an electric scooter called the CityGo. After its campaign raised US$300,000, it was acquired by Segway. Segway … Continue reading

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