2,000 Miles On A Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

Why do I keep posting these milestone and mileage videos from different riders?

I want it to sink into the skulls of people that personal electric transportation isn’t a fad, isn’t a toy, isn’t something to be ignored. It’s a tool, it’s a quick and convenient way to get around, and it’s travel liberty.

The Boosted Board people are on the cutting edge of this revolution in New York City. They are essentially an nearly-invisible vanguard showing people that personal electric transportation can co-exist with cars, trucks, buses, bikes, and pedestrians.

The first time someone sees a Boosted Board, they wonder what they’ve just seen. Could something like that actually have a motor in it? How is that even possible? It’s like witnessing magic!

Jermaine Ellis can explain what happens when someone finally becomes curious and brave enough to ask about a Boosted Board in the video after the break.

2000 Miles On My Boosted Board V2

If a country as regulated as Singapore can finally acknowledge that personal electric transportation is the future, why can’t New York City? The law prohibiting it must go!

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