An Electric Scooter That Weighs Just 12lbs (5.5kg)!

We’re approaching the MacBook Air of electric scooters.

It’s just that this particular eScooter ain’t it!

It’s so new that it’s not on the MOBOT website yet with full specs.

But look at it!

Rear-wheel drive with the batteries apparently in the deck (or that strip underneath?).


And clearly the reason why is so …

… the stalk can be adjusted. No wires in it!

The typical screw-in handles:

It comes with a carrybag:

Every eScooter should be bundled with a basic carrybag (charge extra for deluxe ones).

But notice it’s missing the following:

– thumb throttle
– thumb brake
– control screen
– headlight
– front fender

It’s not clear how this accelerates. It could be kick-to-start but how to stop? That rear fender doesn’t look like a step-on brake.

At that size and that weight, it can’t have many batteries, so it’s likely not to have a high top speed nor a very long range. I also doubt it has any app. And there was no instruction manual shown.

The weight is almost the MacBook Air of eScooters. But the eScooter itself is bleh. Next!

The unboxing video:

Electric Scooter | Unboxing the Mobot Freedom Air

Previously here:

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