Jack Hot eScooter: Modular Like NextDrive 2.0. What?

China doesn’t make anything easy for outsiders. Particularly for anyone outside of the Great Firewall who is curious about products manufactured and sold from there.

I just don’t know what to make of this:

The Jack Hot eScooter claims the same modular design as the revolutionary NextDrive 2.0.

It just gets worse, however …

A promo video I saw way earlier but didn’t understand the significance of makes it all even more confusing:

EJACK / JACK HOT 2017 new electric scooter

Careful viewers will immediately notice the two eScooters are nearly identical to what NextDrive offers: carbon fiber and aluminum builds.

The only discernible difference I can see is the headlight. On the NextDrive, it’s an oval. On the Jack Hot, it’s an oval that’s divided.

I have sent a probably blocked-by-the-Great-Firewall email to NextDrive to see if anyone can read and reply in clear English before asking about this. I’ve also left a Comment at that Jack Hot YouTube video asking for some clarification. Let’s see if anything is forthcoming from either.

If the Jack Hot is a clone of the NextDrive, the market is going to be flooded with this new design — along with substandard and cheap Chinese-made batteries — and poison the eScooter well with untrustworthy models yet again.

Previously here:

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2 Responses to Jack Hot eScooter: Modular Like NextDrive 2.0. What?

  1. Mike, did you ever get to the bottom of what this is? A clone or just another brand name?

    • mikecane says:

      All I know is what I’ve seen from the two companies battling in public, in Chinese forums.

      NextDrive: Jack Hot isn’t us. They stole our work!
      Jack Hot: We worked at NextDrive, we were the creators and designers, and we left NextDrive because we didn’t like the arrangement and took our designs with us.

      Due to the weird way China operates, I have no idea why:

      1) NextDrive didn’t sue Jack Hot for theft of trade designs, or otherwise sue
      2) How Jack Hot wound up with the NextDrive 2.0 design too!

      NextDrive is uncommunicative (unless you want to buy in bulk). Jack Hot is hard to find. But of the two companies, I’ve seen more about Jack Hot on YouTube and listed for sale at worldwide dealers than NextDrive. So at least the Jack Hot people know how to push their product. NextDrive doesn’t seem to have a damn clue.

      That’s all I know.

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