Photos: Man On A Boosted Board, Couple On An eScooter

I have no luck whatsoever getting pictures of people on personal electric transport.

By the time I pull out the borrowed Asus craptab, call up the camera, aim it, wait for the damn thing to focus, press the Camera icon, then wait some more for it to snap the picture, too many seconds have passed and the opportunity is gone.

The picture below is a guy on a Boosted Board:

What? You can’t see him?

Let me fixed that with a cropped-zoom:

And yeah, it’s a Boosted Board. He was like four feet from me when he dropped the board onto the street and I saw the Boosted logo on the deck. By the time I got the craptab out and ready …

And the next two are particularly emblematic of the slowness of the craptab. By the time it actually snapped each picture, the eScooter had traveled and in both shots it’s been obscured by foreground objects!


I couldn’t tell from across the street (which is where I was) which eScooter brand that is. I suspect it might be from Inmotion but this mystery will probably remain unsolved.

Twice I’ve seen someone in lower Manhattan on an unknown eScooter with a pigeon light. I couldn’t get a picture.

I also saw a couple with each one riding a Segway Mini. Again, I couldn’t get a picture.

One of these days!

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