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Kurt V. Has Over 1,150km (715mi) On His FLJ eScooter

Here comes Kurt V. on his carbon fiber electric scooter … … that many brick-and-mortar dealers say is junk. He’s living evidence that not all of them are! And he brings news …

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Swagtron Returns To China

This is so bizarre. Swagtron, which is a brand of carbon fiber electric scooter made by an unknown lowest-price supplier in China, is being sold in Taiwan.

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Personal Electric Transport Wins Again

GeekWire’s Great Race: We pitted cars, bus, bike and skateboard at rush hour, with a surprising result It’s easier than ever to go car-less in Seattle. New technology-fueled services are letting people get around the Emerald City in different ways, … Continue reading

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Amazon Continues Its Tablet Market War

Amazon continues its all-encompassing assault on the Android tablet market with a new Fire HD 10 tablet. Amazon has already prevented Chinese brands from any hope of entering the American market. And this one will probably kill off all the … Continue reading

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Bikes Vs. Cars, Plus Why eScooters Matter

Why eScooters? I’ve walked more than that, on hikes to search for something that was out of stock in several Manhattan stores. And you need a car to do that? No. But I need an eScooter for that. Because it … Continue reading

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eScooter Battery Education

A battery hobbyist on YouTube gives an overview of some branded 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries are used in eScooters. This is an eye- — and battery- — opener. Look how little battery is in a fake 18650!

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The Orville. WTF Happened?

Someone went and read a post I forgot I had ever written: Robert Beltran Speaks Trek Hard Truths. Which brings me to recall what I read at The Verge the other day: How Seth MacFarlane could save his terminally bland … Continue reading

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