Bikes Vs. Cars, Plus Why eScooters Matter

Why eScooters?

I’ve walked more than that, on hikes to search for something that was out of stock in several Manhattan stores.

And you need a car to do that?


But I need an eScooter for that. Because it damn well takes hours and hours.

The statistic that opened this post is from a very interesting documentary:

The filmmakers traveled to São Paulo, Los Angeles, Toronto, Bogotá, and Copenhagen to document the activism and politics of sharing the street with bicycles.

I never knew Los Angeles once had a huge bicycling population:

There was even a sort of highway for bicycle riders:

I also didn’t know Copenhagen had special racks for bike parking:

That might work over there, but it would take a change in the thieving mindset over here for anything like it to happen. Another reason why I advocate for eScooters.

You can bring them into just about anywhere. No outside space taken up and no theft worries.

It’s unfortunate there was no coverage of the Bike Wars here in New York City.

This is what it was like for years:

Violent NYPD arrests at NYC green “Critical Mass” bikeride

ABC reports on NYPD officer attacking Critical Mass rider

2011 01 Critical Mass – Head of NYPD legal can’t answer basic question on NYC bike rules

I guess it would have made the film too long. But it would have shown that in NYC people had to be physically beaten for the right to ride a bike. Other places would have realized how lucky they have it with just lobbying their officials.

And it’s not just Bikes v. Cars:

The tag-team of car manufacturers and Big Oil is a formidable adversary to face.

I won’t spoil any of the film by saying what happens in each city that wants bike lanes.

It’s enough to point to New York City as an example: Bikes finally won.

And so can personal electric transport.

Bikes vs. Cars website.

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