eScooter Battery Education

A battery hobbyist on YouTube gives an overview of some branded 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries are used in eScooters.

This is an eye- — and battery- — opener. Look how little battery is in a fake 18650!


But that’s how some manufacturers roll in China.

And here’s something I didn’t know, from the Comments:

It’s scarier then most people realize, but when videos show you that all the laptops use 18650 and don’t have issues, then they must be safe for use in other ways. But every laptop battery I’ve torn down had at least three temp monitoring systems to try and prevent a run away cell from happening and cut the system off if the temperature is only slightly over.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It makes me wonder how comprehensive the temperature monitoring system is in an eScooter. It’s very likely that the cheapest eScooters don’t even bother with it. How far away are we from another exploding battery scandal as with hoverboards last year? I hope the crap batteries will expire gracefully and not decide to go out with a bang.

Wtf are we sold: fake 18650 cells

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