Kurt V. Has Over 1,150km (715mi) On His FLJ eScooter

Here comes Kurt V. on his carbon fiber electric scooter …

… that many brick-and-mortar dealers say is junk. He’s living evidence that not all of them are!

And he brings news …

… and here’s the proof on his hard-to-read-in-bright-light control screen:

1,154 kilometers (717 miles).

He still has to outdo:

Over 4,000km (2,400 miles) On An E-TWOW Electric Scooter Clone

2,000 Miles On A Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

But he’s doing damn well on something many people claim is “junk.”

I totally understand there are junk ones out there. So does Kurt V. (he even mentions quality declining in the video below). But I think some of the same prejudice is at work today that car buyers faced. The Volkswagen Beetle and Honda Civic were each ridiculed in their day for being smaller than most cars.

Today, the SMART Car faces it too.

Yet no one laughed at this:


Because reputation matters.

Sony and others produced very slim and light notebooks before the MacBook Air. But none of those companies had the reputation of Apple. And their products also felt flimsy. Not the MacBook Air.

So if carbon fiber electric scooters had come from a trusted and known brand first, their reputation might be totally different today. And people who buy them on price would be seen as the suckers they’ve made themselves out to be.

Kurt V. makes the point in his video that if you buy a carbon fiber electric scooter solely based on price, you’re going to face problems. One of them being possibly fake 18650 batteries. Another might be fall-apart tires. Or even cheap Chinese screws.

Unfortunately, with all the money sloshing around China these days, Chinese companies don’t seem to have the mercantilist spirit that filled Japan in the 1960s and caused domestic companies like Sony, Panasonic, JVC, et al, to expand into the American market. Hell, when Datsun entered the American market, their cars were filled with defects that dealers had to constantly patch and repair. But buyers wanted the car and the dealers had faith that Datsun was in it to stay (they were: hello, Nissan!). There is no such initiative being seen out of China from electric scooter makers of any sort, putting aside Ninebot/Segway which up to recently offered an entirely different electric beast.

Without someone to stake a claim for carbon fiber electric scooters, the market will continue to be a high-risk chaotic mess of cheats and outright villains. While something that could make a difference — like the NextDrive 2.0 — languishes in China, unknown in the global market.

Now I am ranting and should get off the stage and let Kurt V. have his say.

Review Carbon Fiber Scooter S3 after 1155 km of use!

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