The Orville. WTF Happened?

Someone went and read a post I forgot I had ever written: Robert Beltran Speaks Trek Hard Truths.

Which brings me to recall what I read at The Verge the other day: How Seth MacFarlane could save his terminally bland Star Trek clone The Orville.

After the brilliant promos for The Orville, what the fuck happened?

Episode 2 was so What Was The Damned Point? that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing another.

Like the writer at The Verge, I’m left wondering exactly what MacFarlane intended for the series. Because this one sentence encapsulates it all so far:

With The Orville, all the jokes could be seamlessly cut from any given episode, and what’s left would be a bootleg TNG knockoff.

Talk about laying an egg!

This series needs to decide its intent and take a stand there.

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2 Responses to The Orville. WTF Happened?

  1. I gave up on the series 28 minutes into the pilot.

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