Blog Notes: eScooter Research Rabbit Hole

After so many posts recently, I felt it necessary to state why there are no new posts today. Other than this one.

There was no news in the morning to post about.

And then late in the afternoon, I fell down a rabbit hole of a Russian eScooter forum. My god, they are hot for eScooters over there. The Russians have had great forums for eBooks too, so I’m not surprised.

My research has uncovered the company behind the revolutionary NextDrive 2.0 eScooter as well as possible contact addresses I’ve already sent emails to. Plus, I found some information about how the original NextDrive carbon fiber electric scooter got cloned all over the place.

I also got a peek into the stalk of the NextDrive 2.0, showing the wireless battery connectors. It’s genius!

And this is just the beginning of the research. My god, the Russians are crazy for eScooters! There is so much information to puzzle through — especially hampered by Google Translate — that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to compile everything into sensible posts yet.

So standby.

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