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A Couple Does Better Marketing Than Any eScooter Maker

Clued-in by friends who have some kind of Segways, this couple decided to try a carbon fiber electric scooter. Their channel is ordinarily about radio-controlled things, such as drones, so this video is a departure for them. Their enthusiasm and … Continue reading

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Cars Still Get All The Breaks, When Will eScooters?

ANALYSIS-Road to electric car paradise paved with handouts State subsidies support sales of electric cars around the world, and Norway has the most electric cars per capita thanks to the most generous handouts. Let me repeat an important never-to-be-forgotten statistic … Continue reading

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The Worst Marketing In The World Is For Electric Scooters

I had high hopes for the video after the break, based on its title: Due to Airwheel, people can reinvent their routes with creativity, making space for fun. Finally, I thought, someone will lay out a case for buying and … Continue reading

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Do Bottom-Feeding Companies Ever Improve?

I’m beginning to think Japan was an anomaly in the world. Japan began as a nation with industries that bottom-fed. They created cheap knock-offs. They changed course when company executives finally visited America and learned that the “Made in Japan” … Continue reading

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