Photos: Man On Monster Segway, Man With E-TWOW

I decided to walk the westside bike path to 34th Street. That’s the route I’d take to B&H Photo with an eScooter. I was curious what the surface would be like. I was also hoping to see people on eScooters.

Was I shocked to see this rolling down the path it’s strictly prohibited on!

I’m even more shocked the camera of the borrowed Asus craptab got the pic. The Sun was right in my face and I couldn’t even see the screen!

I’d already seen an E-TWOW and a possible non-Boosted Board electric skateboard (it was hard to tell; he wasn’t pushing to move but I couldn’t see any battery or motor) — both too far and too fast to capture.

Then came this…

A guy resting with his E-TWOW! I asked to get a pic and he obliged. I asked if he bought it at NYCEWheels. He bought it off someone. I also asked if NYPD ever hassled him for riding it. He said No.

Having seen at least three E-TWOW eScooters now, I’m beginning to develop a complex about them! Where are the sleek carbon fiber ones?

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, if a rich guy can ride a damned Monster Truck of a Segway and get away with it, everyone else is good to go.

Defy the stupid law!

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