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VR Needs CPR

B&H Photo was once gung-ho on Virtual Reality. They had an entire large section set up for it (and one day I’ll be able to find the damn photos of it I took!). Then it was replaced by this: Which … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Does WOW

It’s the usual thing: A gorgeous screen with colors that pop like crazy. But it also brings the WOW.

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The Essential Phone

I expected to be WOWed. After all, isn’t this screen scheme similar to the one iPhone X will have?

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Asus ZenPad 3S 10 With Android 7.0 Plus PDF Test

What: That’s what the home screen looked like. I don’t know why. Is that standard? How weird.

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PDF Tests: iPad Mini 4 iOS 11

Ah, iPad Mini! You were to be the tablet I’d get after all my testing. I mean, all that’s left after you is the aging Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and the iFive Mini 4s. Save me, Obi-wan, you’re my … Continue reading

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PDF Tests: Large iPad Pro iOS 11

Back on November 12, 2015, I posted: iPad Pro: Forget All Other Tablets. Welp. Things have changed with iOS 11. And not for the better at all.

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Ford Motor Company To Sell OJO-Made eScooters. Or Not.

Ford is getting into the electric scooter business, sorta Recent news on the electrification front is the announcement of a global licensing agreement that Ford Motor Company has agreed to with OjO Electric, an electric scooter company, to build an … Continue reading

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TV: Star Trek: Discovery

Perhaps the most controversial and anticipated grave-robbery of Star Trek yet.

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