The Essential Phone

I expected to be WOWed.

After all, isn’t this screen scheme similar to the one iPhone X will have?

Well, I was not WOWed.

Apps trying to take up the entire screen:

Man, is that notch on the iPhone X going to be painful!

Here it is trying to hide its nano-notch:

That just makes the screen look smaller. And it seems small to begin with, despite being 5.7 inches!

And what the hell is up with the camera? Taking a photo is displayed like this:

What the hell is even the point of that screen if its own camera won’t fill it with a photo?

To use all of that screen, a photo needs to be tapped to zoom:

That’s shit.

And they want US$700 for it too:

Riiiight. See ya on Woot! next year.


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