Brookstone CityBug2 Electric Scooter Undercuts Xiaomi Price

This is a big surprise. An eScooter that isn’t carbon fiber below the sale prices of the Xiaomi M365.

While shopping channel QVC went with the Swagtron Swagger, HSN went with Brookstone to offer an eScooter.

With a top speed of just 11mph and a weight at a whopping 27lbs (heavier than the E-TWOW/Uscooter), it’s certainly slower and heavier than the Swagger.

But the tires don’t have a flat surface and the build looks more durable and stylish.

The odd thing about is the way to accelerate and decelerate: Putting forward or backward pressure on the handlebar. I’d never heard of that method before now.

An interesting feature is its claimed range: 11 miles (or, ahem, sometimes 12).

A detrimental feature is a whopping three hours to recharge.

HSN crushed the price from US$700 down to US$280. That undercuts most sale prices I’ve seen for the Xiaomi M365!

Foot brake with light. This is also sold outside of the U.S. and I’ve seen YouTube videos without that light.

How to fold:

ON button and battery charge indicators:

Promo videos:

Brookstone Folding CityBug2 Electric Scooter w/Lights

Citybug2 Electric Scooter with Lights

There are no English-language YouTube video reviews of this eScooter. I’m not sure if this video counts as one:

Harry Tries Out New “On The Go Gadgets”

That doesn’t exactly make someone feel good about buying it!

It turns out there’s a variant of this — not from Brookstone — under the JDBug brand that adds a thumb throttle:


With QVC and HSN — two Middle America mainstream channels — offering eScooters, personal electric transport is being given more exposure than ever before.

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