Wingman Smartboard

Here is something new, possibly exciting, and definitely full of questions!

The Wingman Smartboard.

Angled peek at the underside:



With feet on it:

And a surprise. It has a socket on the deck for attachments, such as a handle (which may or may not be included):


Which still require some clarification. The top speed has been given in three different ways: 9.3mph, 10mph, and 15mph. I’d really like to see 20mph as max.

The weight! Just over 13lbs. That’s 3-4lbs lighter than most carbon fiber electric scooters.

I also question that carbon fiber carrying handle.

This is exciting:

Something that finally brings Fast Charge! Thirty minutes is easy to do. I could do that in a fast food joint and jack an AC outlet. There’s also the public library. And I could charge while waiting for or while on board the ferry! A 30-minute Fast Charge makes up for the 11-mile range (which I’d like to see at 15 or even 20 miles. How I keep dreaming …)

It can also allegedly fit in a backpack:

What it needs is TSA Certification, so it’s cleared for being taken on passenger planes. This has been an ongoing issue even with eSkateboards. Jermaine Ellis was prevented from taking a flight with his Boosted Board (despite it having TSA Certification!) and had to ship it separately. The low-end Swagtron Swagger eScooter is supposed to be TSA safe due to its battery size, while the Swagger Pro with a larger battery is not. This needs to be sorted out for the future of personal electric transport. People can’t be expected to leave these at home to fly.

One other battery question: Is it a modular, swappable system like the Mellow Board has? Even the NextDrive 2.0 carbon fiber electric scooter offers that (but no Fast Charge).

Price? Availability? Up in the air. An Indiegogo campaign is mentioned in passing, but no date for its start — if any — has been given. There have already been a few scandals involving crowdfunding of personal electric transport, perhaps the most infamous being that of the ZAR eScooter. Another problem with crowdfunded products is their long development and release time. Waiting a year or even two is being seen as normal. (A delay like that often gives Chinese companies a chance to ramp up their copying assembly lines. Both Kiwano and Mellow Board have Chinese rip-offs.)

As for price, I’d be surprised if it didn’t top US$1,200. A Boosted Board is US$1,500. A Mellow Board is US$2,000. This one will be up there among them, I suspect. If a company such as Apple was doing this, it’d be US$999 and shock everyone (as the original US$499 iPad did with the tablet market).

Before we get to the videos, a peek at its remote control:

It can be plugged into the Wingman itself to be recharged.

Now the videos:

Wingman | The Electric Vehicle in your Backpack

Ride the Wingman

Wingman | Robotics Meets Personal Electric Vehicle

I hope Mobolabs/Moboster (another question is the exact name and logo of the company!) follows the lead of Mellow Board in marketing on YouTube.

Same-day postscript: It needs an app! All of these things need an app. Record of speed, trip time used, total time used, trip distance, total distance, battery temperature, battery level, etc. Anything without an app these days needs to get one.

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