The Strange Meepo Electric Skateboard

A Boosted Board is US$1,500.

A Chinese clone called Meepo is US$279.

What? Huh?

I’m sure it’s not an exact clone (as many other IP-theft Chinese products are), but it’s Close Enough.

And the damnedest thing is that the Meepo has a longer range than Boosted: 11 miles versus 7 for the Boosted.

To get 12 miles from a Boosted requires an extended battery (at an additional US$199 — about 70% of the price of a complete Meepo board!) that isn’t even yet shipping!

I’m not an EE and I’m not going to take the time to get granular on the differences to understand why the Meepo has a better range. I just find this situation strange.

And there’s something I’m not understanding. How can an electric skateboard with such a small battery pack and such a small motor (or motors) have a better range and faster top speed than a carbon fiber electric scooter with a larger battery pack (in terms of size, not voltage) and larger motor (in terms of size)?

Whatever is going on with electric skateboards, that engineering expertise needs to move over into the field of electric scooters. Because it’s very screwy that the Swagtron Swagger electric scooter at US$299 can’t match a US$279 Meepo electric skateboard for speed and range, not to mention torque (for climbing hills):

Retrieved today, September 29, 2017:

I dunno. Maybe “clearly” has a different definition in Swagland?

Most Swagger owners report 5-7 miles max and maybe that 15mph top speed. While Meepo gets 11 miles max at 22mph top speed.

See what I mean?

(The only reason I beat up on Swagtron is because their all-over-the-Net marketing has made them synonymous with carbon fiber electric scooters. If another prominent brand had the same eScooter, I’d be lashing them instead. The overall point is that electric skateboard makers are doing some real magic for their product’s size and electric scooter makers should feel some shame. Especially when a US$279 Meepo board is beating them!)

Now some videos:

MEEPO BOARD RANGE TEST – 11 Mile Electric Skateboard?

Meepo Board – Long Range test in english, almost.

Boosted Boards – 12+ Mile Extended Range Ride

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