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Wingman Smartboard

Here is something new, possibly exciting, and definitely full of questions! The Wingman Smartboard.

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You Won’t Believe This One Weird eScooter Trick

I couldn’t resist that stupid clickbait title. I mean, just look: I will comment no further. Just see the videos after the break.

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Sinclair C5: Still Utterly Ridiculous

Sinclair C5 On 10 January 1985, the C5 was unveiled at a glitzy launch event but it received a less than enthusiastic reception from the British media. Its sales prospects were blighted by poor reviews and safety concerns expressed by … Continue reading

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Dyson Joins Electric Car Competition

Dyson to make electric cars from 2020 The electric car market is growing rapidly, but it is also about to become a lot more crowded. Within the next few years, many new models are due to come on to the … Continue reading

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Weird Spielberg VR Thing

Virtual Reality Installations to Start Arriving at AMC Movie Theaters Next Year Dreamscape previously said it is building VR experiences that will last about 10 minutes and cost $1 million each to produce. Tickets are expected to cost between $15 … Continue reading

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Twitter’s Leadership Must Resign

140 Characters, the Defining Quirk of Twitter, Becomes a Relic of the Past Twitter is expanding its character limit on text posts to 280 characters from 140, starting with a subset of users. And: Even though Twitter has been hinting … Continue reading

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Kiwano One-Wheeled eScooter Of Death

I’ve been keeping my eye on this one since it was announced too many damn Moons ago. It’s taken so long to ship that cheap Chinese rip-off clones went on sale first!

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Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES1 Detailed Examination

List (aka Doc-Hello) is a very, very experienced eScooter dealer in Russia. He’s so experienced and knowledgeable that before he sells certain brands of carbon fiber electric scooters, he replaces the bearings they shipped with because they’re inadequate. In the … Continue reading

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TV: The Good Doctor

The anti-Gregory House, M.D.. Or so one would be led to believe from the promos that tout “From The Creator Of House.”

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VR Needs CPR

B&H Photo was once gung-ho on Virtual Reality. They had an entire large section set up for it (and one day I’ll be able to find the damn photos of it I took!). Then it was replaced by this: Which … Continue reading

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