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Video: DIY eSkateboard

This guy built his own electric skateboard. But what’s that colorful stuff under the deck? Advertisements

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The Horror Increases

I don’t advocate suicide except in the case of an absolutely incurable and painful illness. Even then, like most Americans, I like to believe that some hope exists and a better ending is possible. However … If you are so … Continue reading

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Allouette Lays An eSkateboard Egg

Previously: The Perils Of Cheap eSkateboards Alouette, mentioned in that post, put out a more powerful and higher-priced eSkateboard, now available at Amazon. And it’s a lemon. They even have to admit it in the Product Description: Note:please avoid riding … Continue reading

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Someone Tell Amazon That CATS Run The Internet

So WTF …

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The Perils Of Cheap eSkateboards

Funny how the name Swagtron constantly pops up. The Swagboard is a single-wheel-drive eSkateboard. After a month of use, a YouTube video reveals this: That’s a deathtrap!

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Drudge Modifies Headline

Earlier: Now: Previously here: Horror

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Video: Belt Vs. Hub Drive

Although this video is about eSkateboards, the technology is the same for eScooters. At least most eScooters these days are hub motors and don’t use chains or belts. The video also contains, at the end, an eye-popping revelation about their … Continue reading

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Kiwano eScooter Of Death Available In America

I call it the “eScooter of Death” because I’m convinced it would kill me even in a test ride. I’m just too clumsy not to kill myself on it. Ah, to have my childhood sense of death-defying balance again! Anyway, … Continue reading

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SwagCycle = InMotion P1

This video is not a review. It’s a promo: inmotion P1 electric scooter ebike review I’ve been meaning to point this out for a while. Is the SwagCycle identical? Probably not. InMotion is a good company. Swagtron probably bought a … Continue reading

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Breaking Apple

Apple’s TV Strategy Becomes Clearer as Top Stars Jockey for Shows This makes me laugh like hell: Though Apple isn’t looking to replicate the pace or scale of rival Netflix’s $6 billion annual spend, it is eager to be in … Continue reading

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