Allouette Lays An eSkateboard Egg

Previously: The Perils Of Cheap eSkateboards

Alouette, mentioned in that post, put out a more powerful and higher-priced eSkateboard, now available at Amazon.

And it’s a lemon. They even have to admit it in the Product Description:

Note:please avoid riding the skateboard on bumpy road and sharp rocks or the wheels could be cracked.


On what planet do they expect this to be ridden on? It can’t be planet Earth!

Just how fast do the wheels deteriorate? Within weeks!

It seems within the first month of use!

August 25, 2017
Verified Purchase
UPDATE: The drive wheels are falling apart and big chunks of rubber are coming off each time I ride it. I am going to return the board and get something with more component sales such as wheels and swappable batteries like the Koowheel board my friend owns that I’ve been riding with. See attached photos.

And that’s an eSkateboard that costs US$600!

I’ve never seen anyone reporting wheels falling apart like that with an eScooter. They might go flat or suddenly unravel, but chip chip chip? Nope.

Alouette provides a bad lesson that even something that’s not priced at the bottom can still be made like it!

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