Video: DIY eSkateboard

This guy built his own electric skateboard.

But what’s that colorful stuff under the deck?

Sandwich containers!!

One holds the ESC, the other the battery. Hilarious and absolutely brilliant!

As it turns out, the Meepoboard uses similar components!

You have to see this video!

Dual Hub Motor Skateboard | $315 | Easy Build!

It’s been eSkateboard day here at the blog for these reasons:

1) When I watch one eSkateboard video, YouTube recommends a jillion more. It doesn’t do that with eScooters!

2) There’s more action in eSkateboards than eScooters. Maybe it will pick up towards the holidays.

3) The Chinese absolutely suck at marketing. They’d get many more posts here if they’d just answer my fucking emails. This is how that has been going:

Me: I have some questions about your company and eScooter(s).

Chinese: You give us money?

Me: I’m not a dealer, but I want to do some posts.

Chinese: SILENCE.

Someone slap them upside their heads and teach them marketing. Goddammit!

Previously here:

The Strange Meepo Electric Skateboard
eScooters category

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