TV: The Good Doctor, Episode 2

Watching that was awkward.

No, not the surgery. This:

Three-fourths of the episode was us witnessing Shaun being treated like shit. And him not understanding anything.

How much of that can we put up with?

I don’t know.

The final quarter contained its own frustration.

Shaun diagnoses a patient he was forced to release, gets her to the hospital in time to save her life, and then he’s prevented from performing his first surgery.


I’m trying to ignore the original Korean drama because I went down that road with Broadchurch and found that tracking minutiae is not a good use of my time. And with Cordon/Containment, too many changes were made and the casting destroyed my curiosity. So I’m not referring to the original Good Doctor to cheat on the story arc. It might be totally different anyway.

Two episodes in and I’m still perplexed about what to expect out of this series. And I wonder how many more episodes are going to make me cringe like this one.

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TV: The Good Doctor

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