eScooter Battery Education, Part Two

Don’t think this can’t happen with an eScooter. It damn well can.

A guy has a battery pack rated at 16,000mAh. His experience tells him it would have to be twice that size.

So what’s going on?

Out of the four batteries, only one is actually soldered-in to accept current:

The other three aren’t even soldered. They’re counterfeits.

And filled with sand!

Cheap Chinese Lithium Battery Power Pack Scam Surprise – Fake Lithium Battery

Here is your periodic reminder of the reputation China has made for itself:

Anyone who buys from an unknown China brand thinking they’re getting a deal or a bargain is an idiot.

Same-day update: See the FCC and CE markings on that label? They’re fraudulent too!

Previously here:

eScooter Battery Education
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