TV: Extinct, Episode 1

Some people, having seen the name of Orson Scott Card, have already tuned out of this post.

Because of his religious beliefs, Card has unpopular opinions. I don’t hold that against him. I still like his work.

But I wasn’t fond of the first episode of this.

Earth was invaded by, of course, beings from outer space:

Centuries afterwards, a drone from different aliens …

… reconstitutes — erm, resurrects? — three human beings:

But it turns out they’re not alone because of course.

These other humans seem to be hosts for another form of aliens, called skinriders:

Being hosts is, of course, another way of saying they’re possessed.

This is a Mormon production, so expect religious allegory. And some religion, such as prayer:

And that was handled in a manner that made it looked like the script was ashamed they were praying. Music came up and over and we didn’t hear their words. At the end of the world, what kind of prayer would you say?

This was very dull and uninteresting until a philosophical question was raised by one of the three main characters towards the end. A question that will probably be answered in subsequent episodes.

But I have no, erm, faith that this is going to become interesting. The time to grab and hold an audience is in the first episode. And this just didn’t do that for me.

One point that grated was a fight between a human and a skinrider. It was too TV. And would a Mormon engage in violence?

Anyone who is intrigued can watch it online.


Wikipedia: Extinct (2017 TV series)

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