Badass DIY ATV Electric Penny Board

This is so badass!

Just look at that!!!!

He created it due to all of the problems that frustrated my childhood kick skateboarding: grit, pebbles, cracks. Those wheels laugh at such obstacles!

It’s an ersatz DIY, however. Not entirely made from components. It’s a DIY transplant. He took the guts from a Flex board and moved them over to the Penny. The DIY bit came in exchanging the original Flex wheel on the single-wheel motor for the ATV wheel. I’m not even sure which Flex was the original — Google gives me at least two different boards with the Flex name.

Acceleration and braking are lessened with the larger wheels. I’m wondering if this can be done with dual-hub motors.

The video:

My first DIY electric all terrain penny skateboard!

And I think with this post, I have to add a new Category to the sidebar: eSkateboards. I’ll start shifting the relevant posts over to it next week.

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