eSkateboard DIY 102: Chinese Mellow Clones

eSkateboard DIY 101 is going to the electric skateboard builders forum, reading some of the posts, seeing all the jargon, and coming to the conclusion that shit is harder than I thought.

eSkateboard DIY 102 is looking to cheat. Ha!

My YouTube diving today finally surfaced the Mellow Board kit clones I saw earlier but couldn’t recall the names of. There are two that I’ve found: Landwheel and Onan (will someone tell the Chinese WTF Onanism is?).

Both of them are pure rip-offs of the Mellow Board kit, minus all the quality and reliability.

As a cheat, these kind of kits would enable me to create an eSkateboard rather quickly, if the whole kick skateboard practicing works out.

Although they’re about double the damn price of the Meepo board, they have what everyone should have: Swappable battery packs. How long is it going to take for everyone to adopt that as a standard? Batteries should not only be swappable, they should all have Fast Charge too.

After the break, two videos.

landwheel ver.3 | electric skateboard review | 1 month of use

Onan X3 Booster – Super Cool & Cheap Electric Skateboard Alternative [REVIEW]

It’s very early in my research of these two, so I have nothing more to say right now.

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