Skateboarding 101

What’s probably in my future …

Braille Skateboarding has a hella lotta YouTube videos.

One of which is a skateboarding tutorial after the break.


I’m a bit amazed he chose a Penny board. A Penny board is the brand name for a kick skateboard that’s 22-inches long. Penny also does a Nickel board, which is 27-inches long.

Last night, while thinking about my earlier post, I thought the best way for me to practice and try to get some of my balance back would be to start with a Penny board-sized kick skateboard. Mastering something so small, with such a size constraint, might be the best way to go.

There is something about Small Things (behave, you!) that I like. I have the same admiration as the Japanese for miniaturization and miniature things.

And this video kept sticking in my head:

Dual Hub Motor Skateboard | $315 | Easy Build!

So maybe it wouldn’t be a Meepo board I’d want. Maybe I’d want to DIY. All of the components are standard and can be bought from China (allegedly this is all reputable stuff from reputable sources). And if I could master balance and ride on something that’s Penny board size, then I could find a suitable deck and maybe even do a DIY Penny-sized electric one.

And I wouldn’t want to start out with a Penny board, by the way. That plastic deck scares the hell out of me. Too much flex. And for a DIY electric one, I’d need a sturdy deck that wouldn’t stress the ESC and battery pack installed underneath. So I’d have to find a Penny-sized deck like that to begin with.

The other thing about DIY, is that I wouldn’t have to worry about investing straight into an electric board. A kick board will tell me first if riding for me is even possible. And if it is, a DIY board wouldn’t be something I’d be looking to sell if it didn’t work out. I could sell the bits separately.

But if it did work out, I could pimp the hell out the thing too!

How To Make A LED Penny Board

I have sooooo many YouTube videos to watch.

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