UFOs Over Staten Island

It’s 10:23PM EDST as I type this.

At about 9:45PM, I looked up into the sky and saw something I’d never seen before.

A series of strange lights moving slowly across the sky in a strange diamond-like formation.

These were moving too slowly to be commercial or war jets.

And they were totally silent.

They seemed to have four lights with a yellowish cast, like the street lights of New York City.

They all followed one another into a wide turn. Cloud cover wound up obscuring them.

But that wasn’t all.

They kept coming!

I lost count after twenty, I was so shocked.

After the formation, they moved singly. More or less at the same speed but not evenly spaced.

They all followed the same wide arc and wound up disappearing in the cloud cover.

Silent. Too slow to be anything I’d ever seen before.

I know this will make me sound like a nut job.

But I damn well know what I saw.

I just don’t know what I saw.

I’m doing this post so anyone else who might have seen them and looks on the Net for anyone else to report this will find it.

I’m hoping the local paper tomorrow will have a report that this was some elaborate hoax involving drones. But there were so many! The expense would be staggering to do that.

Anyone else out there see them?

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2 Responses to UFOs Over Staten Island

  1. Martin says:

    you didn’t took any pictures?

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