UFOs Over Staten Island, Part Two

When I did my prior post, I forgot to include a salient point.

The cats.

I was feeding two outside cats (I feed a number of them, which contributes to my not being able to buy anything other than cat food these days!). This was in a backyard sloping down from a driveway.

The cats kept interrupting their eating and peering up the driveway.

They’ve done this before, when they’ve sensed people approaching, or hear a raccoon, mouse, or another cat before I do.

But this time was a bit different. They would eat and then stop and look. As if there was an ongoing threat.

Finally, I couldn’t take it. I left the backyard and walked into the driveway to see if there was anyone or anything there.

And that’s when I looked into the damn sky and saw the rough formation.

Those lights were so bright that I immediately knew I wasn’t looking at stars or planets.

At first I thought I was looking at the edge lights of something large and black.

Because I remembered Art Bell recounting his encounter with a “black triangle.” The page for that is gone, but here’s the image that accompanied it:

(In the actual event, the sky was darker than depicted)

But I could see they weren’t edge lights. And when then arced into a turn, the shape of the configuration changed and I could see these were individual objects.

As they all were that followed.

I still have no idea what I saw aside from lights moving too slowly to stay airborne according to everything I know.

They moved leisurely across the sky in a controlled flightpath.

There was no wobble. They was no change in the brightness of the light until they arced into that slow turn and moved away, being obscured by clouds. As they got further away, the lights were less bright, as they would normally behave. The lights were all the same color, somewhat yellowish like street lights, with no telltale aviation lights, like blue and red. None of the lights blinked.

The sky was too dark to judge their size. From my vantage point, I was looking up at maybe a thirty-degree angle. So I have to think these things were somewhat small. But that brightness! I’d never seen anything in the sky with lights like that before. Or moving that slowly. And silently.

It was a good ten minutes before the behavior of the cats caused me to go investigate. So there might have been even more of these things that I never saw but that the cats either sensed or saw (I could not see that part of the sky from where I stood in the backyard).

I’ve searched Twitter, YouTube, the Internet, and looked in the local paper. No reports other than mine.

Most frustratingly of all, there was no one else out on the street at the time. If there had been, I damned well would have made them look too. Cars passed by. Maybe I should have risked stopping one? But the speed they travel here would have likely gotten me run over!

I’ve never said these things were extraterrestrial. But they were and are extraordinary.

Newark airport is not far from here. Perhaps interesting or not, air traffic that night was on the other side of the sky. Last night, when I looked in the same area of the sky the objects occupied, a passenger jet flew through it. But I understand towers change flightpaths due to weather, runway availability, and number of flights being handled at the time, so this really says nothing other than being a curious observation. But I wonder if flight radars at Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK registered anything?

I still have no damned idea what I saw and why there are no other reports to be found. There were so many of these lights that I’m shocked there haven’t been reports all over the Internet.

I didn’t have any kind of camera with me at the time — not even the borrowed Asus craptab. I don’t know what kind of camera would have done justice to any images. I think they would have been as smeary — and as shaky — as other footage I’ve seen in the past.

I think an explanation will come out at some point. Or there will be another sighting by another person or people and it will remain unexplained. I just don’t know.

I saw what I saw. I just don’t know what the hell they all were.

Previously here:

UFOs Over Staten Island

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