Another Research Day

But this time I can at least post an interesting video.

Just let me say before this that so far I haven’t come across any eSkateboard for the price that can beat the Meepo Board. In fact, without naming it right now, there’s a new very high-priced board that seems a hell of a lot weaker than the Meepo and has failed hill-climbing tests. Go figure.

He does a very good review here, answering many of the questions I usually have. The board itself is interesting too. It’s a belt-driven single-motor model that seems to have some pep like the Boosted Board.


And this next video is exactly why product placement graft videos should be seen strictly as marketing. It’s only actual owners who can tell you this after using something:

BENCH WHEEL UPDATE | It broke after one month…

I can’t find the high-priced belts at Amazon. I can’t find any belts for it at all at Amazon.

But since it’s a board from China, people have discovered belts can be bought via Aliexpress for cheap. If he does that, I hope he’ll do another video.

Previously here:

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