New Meepo Boards!

I don’t know when these went up, but they weren’t on the Meepo site when I checked last week.

It’s the new Meepo Penny!

Pause for legalese: Penny is actually a brand name of a small, plastic-deck kick-skateboard. But Penny is being used as a generic term now for smaller skateboards of all kinds. This is not actually Penny-sized. It’s probably more like a larger Nickel (also a trademarked name) or a Cruiser.

It’s smaller and lighter than the regular Meepo Board and that’s what matters to me.

There are three models of it, actually.

The first is a single-motor with a Samsung battery:

The second is a single-motor with a more powerful Sanyo battery:

It’s almost the price of the regular Meepo. But it has double the range of the Samsung battery. Max range in miles is just 8, which is far less than I’d like to have but everyone is constrained with even the best battery technology available for the size.

The third model is a dual-motor that has no carrying hole (due to battery size) and is available only with the Samsung battery:

Surprisingly, the range with the dual motors using the Samsung battery matches the single-motor model with the Sanyo battery. I hope that spec is not a typo!

The single-motor weight is 3.4kg (7.49lbs) and 4.5kg (9.9lbs) for the dual-motor. The regular Meepo Board is 6.9kg (15.21lbs). For me, lighter and smaller is always better.

Here’s a video Kieran posted while it was still in development:

Meepo Penny Assemble and Ride – 18KM 3.4KG Electric Skateboard

I think Kieran is going to need a hell of a lot more staff to keep up with the demand these new models are going to create. That’s a good problem to have.

Let’s hope Kieran makes enough profit to think about his own designs. I think he could really do something special.

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