Invasion Of The Micro Electric Skateboards!

A Penny board is twenty-two-inches long.

Electric skateboards are about to come in at just seventeen inches long!

There are three, but I’m certain more will follow.

The first one I encountered was the Kuickwheel Serpent-C, which is a crowdfunding project.

Here’s a video:

TINIEST Electric Skateboard – Kuickwheel Serpent C

And then today I was notified by YouTube of this video, showing prototypes from Eagle Boards (a company that seems to exist only on Instagram!):

The Best Small and Portable Electric Skateboard?

And the Comments at that video led me to this video, with an unbranded model available now on Amazon:

Smallest Electric Skateboard Ever! *17 in.*

These are more or less the same board in terms of basic specs: weight of about six pounds, max speed of 11-12 miles, max range of 6-7 miles.

I wonder what kind of batteries the Amazon one contains? Will they die within a month? And what’s with the single drive wheel being in the front?

This is a very interesting development.

Imagine if we had battery technology that gave these a range of twenty miles with a Fast Charge of just half an hour.

They’d sell like crazy.

Previously here:

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