Photos: Personal Transport, October 15, 2017

The title isn’t electric transport because it turned into a weird mix in my encounters.

But, first up is a Boosted Board (I saw the logo) …

… into the bike lane that “electric vehicles” are prohibited on:

Next up is a strange bike with pedals that makes it look like the “rider” is running in place:

A kick scooter:

The refresh rate of the sign fought with the shutter of the borrowed Asus craptab. It was impossible to get a good picture:

It reads: “Electric Vehicles Illegal.” Piss off!

That weird bike again, heading back:

Another guy on a kick scooter:

These three old and confused women were walking three-across in the damn bike lane and made me miss another Boosted Board (again, I saw the logo):

Cropped enlargement:

They weren’t speaking English so probably couldn’t read it either:

I could have had a free bike helmet except for, you know, Ewwww:

Man on what looked like an E-TWOW electric scooter or clone:

Another Boosted Board:

I missed getting a shot of my first sighting of a Meepo Board. Dammit.

Previously here:

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