iFive Mini 4G Is Back From The Dead

Previously: iFive Mini 4G Is Dead

Over at TechTablets: iFive Mini 4G 7.85-inch Helio X20 Deca-core 4G Android Tablet (Update)

And there’s a video.

FNF tablet—— ifive mini 4G

This is turning into Weird Week for Android tablets.

First, it turns out I can use the screwy File Manager route to bypass the shortcomings of SmartQ Reader on the Asus ZenPad 3S 10 containing Android 7.x — and that SmartQ Reader doesn’t crash.

Second, the once-dead iFive Mini 4G is resurrected from the grave.

If the YouTube videos about it can be believed, the previous iFive Mini 4s has been a good value. Its unskinned Android has been a boon to its sales. At times, it’s been available for just US$99 through middlemen sellers.

The iFive Mini 4G, however, is still being priced at close to US$250 by a middleman seller. An iPad Mini 4 with 128GBs of storage can be had from time to time (like this week) at Best Buy for US$299. However, the model with 4G hardly ever goes on sale and is near double the price of the iFive Mini 4G.

iFive has been one of the better iPad clone makers. Their weak spots have been the skin over Android and battery life. With their skin now gone, we’ll have to see what future owners report about battery life with this new model.

Before hitting Publish on this post, I did a sweep of the Chinese tech sites I once popped into daily. Nothing about the iFive Mini 4G.

At the 5Fans site, there’s nothing [Google Translate: Home, forum]. And there is nothing at the Five Technology homepage.

On the other hand, it seems that Five Technology still has some life left in it (have 4s sales been that good?) because their Weibo is no longer entirely dead, with the latest posting promoting a smart cover for the 4s appearing on October 13th.

I have once again risked upping my blood pressure by contacting a Chinese company (always a pointless and frustrating experience). I’ve sent an email to Five asking if there’s a release date.

I will continue to monitor this odd development.

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