Amazon Wish List For Hurricane Maria Relief In Puerto Rico

Third note: See this article in New York Magazine for a idea of the magnitude of the disaster.

Second note: I’ve been told this post has done some good. So it will remain up until January 1, 2018. If you haven’t contributed, please do. Things are still a wreck down there.

Note: This post will be a Sticky until I think it’s stopped doing some good. Scroll down one for new posts. But read this first and help!


Astrid Cruz — aka artistikem on Twitter — is a writer in Puerto Rico. Remember Hurricane Maria ravaged it?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s been round after round of drenching rain since. See this Instagram video from Astrid.

Most of the island is still without electricity and, according to a TV news report I just saw while doing this post, eighty percent of people have no access to clean running water.

Assistance still isn’t getting where it’s needed. And Astrid needs help ASAP.

Here’s the situation from Astrid:

Day 28 after #hurricanMaría in #PuertoRico and we’re still without power or running water. People without roofs are having their things rainned on because FEMA tarps are nowhere to be seen. This hurts. This really hurts. But help and donations are pouring in and that helps to ease the pain; being able to help others makes it all better.

Want to help hurricane María victims directly? I’ve put together an Amazon wish-list with things needed by families near where I live in Caguas (Cañaboncito and Borinquen). I’m also teaming up with the little brother life gifted me Jero Rod to help a community in San Lorenzo.

Priorities are canned foods like spaghettis for the children. Children’s clothes (we allocated a family in need of sizes 8 & 10 boy/girl, 16 boy). Right now we need things to put in a hygiene care package, along with nitrile gloves both to be used for Jero’s nursing school project checking people’s vitals and Santuario Lázaro (no-kill dog shelter).

For this animal sanctuary I added dog/cat supplies. They shelter up to 300 dogs/cats, had ran out of cleaning supplies and barely had food for all.

Shipping is tricky to PR. USPS is incredibly delayed. Solar powered stuff is needed but won’t ship directly to PR and some Amazon sellers don’t ship things to us because of some weird reasons. That is why I’m open to donations through these channels:

Amazon wish-list:
Amazon gift cards:
Mail: Artistikem PO BOX 7225 Caguas PR 00726-7225
ATH Móvil: 787-366-5068

Huge thank yous for all who’ve donated. Money donations so far: $65 and a $30 Amazon Gift Card. <3 <3

🇵🇷 Keep Puerto Rico in your thoughts. We all need it. 🇵🇷

I don’t run ads on this blog (WordPress does to let me use this for free; I don’t get a cut). All of the writing — such as it is — here and in my past blogs has been free for anyone to read. I’ve never asked for donations for myself — but I have asked for others in need, with donations going directly to those people. I don’t take graft, so none of my posts have a marketing ulterior motive. They reflect my genuine interests (or, from time to time, genuine outrage). I know that some of my posts have helped people with buying decisions, finding lost people, and even medical issues because I’ve gotten such thanks in Comments and emails.

I hope if you’re one of those people, you will now step up and pass on that good fortune to Astrid and her neighbors.

Frankly, I don’t know how much this post will help. My readership has declined since past blogs when I covered books and tablets. It seems most people prefer to be on Facebook or Twitter these days. But I have to give it a shot.

Thank you.

October 26, 2017 update: An Update From Puerto Rico

October 27, 2017 update: Second Update From Puerto Rico

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2 Responses to Amazon Wish List For Hurricane Maria Relief In Puerto Rico

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing this Mike. Having enjoyed some of the back and forth you had with @artistikem over the years, she was the first person I thought of after the hurricane. I bought some items off her wishlist.

    ¡Viva Puerto Rico!

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