Plastic Penny Board With Ozo Booster Add-On

This is … ummmmm …

It looks like the Onan X series under the Ozo brand name.

There’s no Penny logo on the deck, so this board is a clone:

Wait. Is he really going to do that:

He is:

Look at the size of the battery (the same as the Mellow, which it rips-off):

And it’s let loose on the world:

I think that was more of a one-time demonstration and not something being ridden daily.

The plastic deck flexes. And the Ozo — Onan — battery can fall out of its compartment if it’s not properly seated. Hell, vibration can eventually make it drop even when seated properly. So I have my doubts about this being something practical. Still, the small size of it is something to behold!

Someday we’ll have powerful batteries the size of a current cellphone battery that won’t need recharging for an entire month and can give an eSkateboard practically limitless range. I’d like to live to see that day.

On that day, a plastic electric Penny board would be practical.

electrification mini skate

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2 Responses to Plastic Penny Board With Ozo Booster Add-On

  1. Andrew says:

    How long is it the deck?
    Why didn’t you replace the front wheels by higher ones?

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