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Slope Measurement Frustration

Kurt V once mentioned he’d tell us how to measure a slope using a phone. He never did. So I sought out my own solution and came across this Android app: Bubble Level, Spirit Level. Using it is frustrating, however. … Continue reading

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Vivitar Action GarbageCam

So I saw this in a discount store … And I thought, Hmmmmm, just twenty smackers.

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The Best Conversion App For Android I’ve Found

It’s been driving me crazy. Watching YouTube videos in which kilometers and kilometers per hour and kilograms are used instead of the more sensible (ahem!) miles, miles per hour, and pounds. To convert, I’d usually Google either on the desktop … Continue reading

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Electric Skateboarding 101: Video Tutorial

After the break, a brief and good tutorial for people — like me! — who have never ridden an electric skateboard before.

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Meepo Board Range Test By Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Owner

Doug Hnut is back with another exciting riding video. He also owns a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, so I was very interested to see how the Meepo would do.

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Hello, China. Meet Your Worldwide Reputation.

I just replied to a businessman from China in a YouTube Comment and thought I should duplicate it here. Do you understand how frustrating it is for the rest of the world to deal with Chinese businesses? There are so … Continue reading

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Samsung’s Odd Moves In VR

Go figure out this one. One foot out: Samsung isn’t selling the best Windows Mixed Reality headset in Europe. Who yelled at Samsung to knock it off? Was it Google? Facebook/Oculus? Or does Samsung see the European VR market as … Continue reading

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