Hello, China. Meet Your Worldwide Reputation.

I just replied to a businessman from China in a YouTube Comment and thought I should duplicate it here.

Do you understand how frustrating it is for the rest of the world to deal with Chinese businesses? There are so many duplicates that we can’t tell who originates anything. We’d like to be customers of the originators and not the thieves. The thieves don’t care and often sell shoddy products with bad manufacturing, rejected parts, and fraudulent batteries. I know China has a censored press, so it might be news to you to learn that Made in China is more of a warning sign over here than a sign of reassurance, like Made in Japan once was. In addition, Chinese businesses don’t understand marketing. Every inquiry is answered with, “You want to buy?” We often want to learn more first, to make sure we’re not dealing with crooks. I hope you found this helpful and not insulting. It’s just the way it is and I don’t know how many Chinese realize this.

If there are China intelligence operatives reading this, too damned bad. This is the way it is. The more you block our emails to Chinese businesses that contain outside links, the worse you make it for yourselves on the world stage. Your businesses are hardly the ones looking to foment a revolution. They’re interested in sales. But when my emails to them are disappeared because I’m trying to send a link to a blog post I did, you’re harming China more than you could ever possibly harm me. Chinese businesses cannot learn of worldwide interest in their products because of such censorship and people outside China aren’t able to assess which businesses are trustworthy. Get the hell out of the way and let business do business.

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