Slope Measurement Frustration

Kurt V once mentioned he’d tell us how to measure a slope using a phone.

He never did.

So I sought out my own solution and came across this Android app: Bubble Level, Spirit Level.

Using it is frustrating, however. I’ve placed it on streets and have been surprised to find it doesn’t match my own estimate of slope. Another frustration is that I can’t put the tablet down flat because there’s a 1mm or so camera hump. And when I place the tablet on its side, I usually find the surface itself isn’t flat enough to give a reliable reading.

Google and Apple and other damn mapmakers could solve this. Measure the damn slope of things when you’re mapping and add that your maps!

If the readings I’m getting from this app are anywhere within a correct range, so far the slopes I’ve measured here don’t go beyond just five degrees. But I haven’t yet had the tablet with me when I’ve had to walk up one of the Death Hills.

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