The Best Conversion App For Android I’ve Found

It’s been driving me crazy. Watching YouTube videos in which kilometers and kilometers per hour and kilograms are used instead of the more sensible (ahem!) miles, miles per hour, and pounds.

To convert, I’d usually Google either on the desktop or — worse — the borrowed Asus craptab.

And that’s not possible without WiFi.

So last night I researched and tried a few conversion apps. All of the ones at the Google Play Store marked with “Contains Ads” were disqualified. The hell with that. I don’t want malware to have that backdoor into the craptab.

My search paid off with this: S Converter – Unit Converter.

This app has gorgeous design. See the screensnaps at the Play Store. Get it. It converts instantly as you type. And it has so many choices. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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