Vivitar Action GarbageCam

So I saw this in a discount store …

And I thought, Hmmmmm, just twenty smackers.

The specs:

And I thought, Hmmmmm, well OK, the resolution is Good Enough for YouTube. I could use this for some skateboarding ride videos.

I mean, how bad could this camera be?

Actually, actually bad.

Thank god we live in the Age of YouTube and people can post samples from it!

Here’s the one video that extinguished any interest I had in it:

Vivitar DVR 781HD Action Camcorder Test. Bike Mount

How the hell can they even sell that thing? It’s utter garbage.

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3 Responses to Vivitar Action GarbageCam

  1. Martin says:

    I remember that my father used to had a 35mm vivitar +40 years ago..( yeah I’am that old) I was an expensive and good camera…Now they probable sold the name..

  2. Martin says:


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